SLT Consulting is your partner in learning & development transformation Founded by Peter Meerman in 2014, SLT Consulting helps L&D organizations to transform to technology and data driven teams that harvest the full potential of new technologies to  improve personal and organizational development, as well as continue to demonstrate the added value of L&D.

The focus of SLT Consulting is on establishing a data driven L&D organization that is able to harvest the vast wealth of data available in learning and performance systems to (1) analyse business performance and program impact on business performance, (2) leverage the opportunities provided by data driven AI technology to improve the user experience, and (3) increase the efficiency of the L&D organization by automating activities.

This innovative approach to L&D requires a complete re-think in how companies organize and execute personal and organizational development. SLT can help re-defining the L&D strategy and well as building a technology and data framework to help execute on the strategy. In addition, SLT Consulting can upskill your L&D professionals

If you are a learning professional and would to build new data and technology skills to prepare yourself for the future of L&D, or if you are a learning executive who wants to better understand how technology is changing the business and L&D landscape and how you can build and L&D organization that is prepared to fully leverage the potential of new technology such as AI, please do not hesitate to contact SLT Constulting.

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