SLT Consulting is a small boutique consulting firm that offers high quality and strategic consulting, best-in-class training and state of the art services on learning technology, data and analytics. With a large network of highly skilled professionals in different fields, and by using the best available technology, we can pack a big punch for a small start up!

Here’s a collection of our services and products. mail us at, or book time with me via this link and I’ll be more than happy to explain our offerings in person.

Kind Regards,

Peter Meerman

Founder and Managing Director of SLT Consulting

SLT Consulting helps CLO’s and Heads of Learning to develop a strategy for learning analytics that is aligned with your customer expectations, as well as your Company Strategy, HR and HR Analytics Strategy and L&D Strategy.

A data strategy ensures that you can get maximum value from AI and Analytics driven insights. It also reduces the risk for incorrect results because of poor quality data.

SLT Consulting helps to create fit for purpose and concise data strategies for L&D and HR

Dashboards are excellent tools to provide descriptive and diagnostic analytics to large audiences. When designed well, L&D, HR and business leaders can easily find the exact insights they require to make all sorts of decisions.

SLT Consulting can design, build, implement and even services world class learning dashboards that standard include key L&D metrics. We only use the best available tools like Alteryx, Azure and Power BI. And we can even link up with your learning tools and run all your dashboards from our infrastructure.