Why a Learning Dashboard?

Dashboards in general play a key role in creating insights to make data driven decisions. They are a key element of any data analytics offering. Dashboards are particularly helpful when large audiences are interest in similar metrics and KPI’s for descriptive or diagnostic analytics.

It is interesting to notice that many people in L&D actually require the same information and metrics, albeit using a different slice of the data.

  • L&D Program managers and owner want to see L&D insights by program, set of programs, of portfolio
  • L&D Business partners want to see L&D insights by organization, or location
  • Capability leaders want to see L&D insights by skill and/or capability
  • Instructional designers might want to see L&D insights by modality to be able to select the best possible modality for new programs

And where many L&D teams have extensive sets of reports that service all these needs, a dashboard is a much more user friendly, cost efficient and reliable solutions.

Advantages of dashboards are:

  1. RELIABLE: A dashboard cannot be altered by end user, has all the data together in a single source and therefore can act as single version of the truth
  2. AUTOMATED: Once implemented, a dashboard can be automated and require little maintenance (except with making changes)
  3. SECURE: Modern dashboard and BI tools allow row level data access that complies with the most stringent data privacy and data security regulations and policies. Row level access ensures that a user only sees the records that the user is allowed to see.
  4. INTEGRATED: Modern dashboard and BI tools (like Power BI) support a multi channel strategy: they can easily be integrated with tools, teams, powerpoint and any digital location that supports html embedding. This enables you to bring the learning dashboard to
  5. VERSATILE: A well designed dashboard can address both descriptive and diagnostic analytics. It can provide high level and detailed insights. And it can enable all users to look at the data from all possible angles

Help you design a state of the art Learning Dashboard

At SLT, we can help you to design, build and test a state of the art learning dashboard that shows exactly those insights that help you moving L&D forward. We have extensive experience, knowledge and skills in all areas that you need:

Learning Strategy to select the right metrics and KPI’s to ensure the dashboard is meaningful and actionable, and directly adds value to your communication and decision making processes

Learning Technology to understand what data is captured and generated by your LMS, LXP and 3rd part library providers, and how to configure these systems in such a way you capture the data you need to do the analytics you want.

Learning and Skills Data to understand what data is available and required to construct the model and calculate the metrics

Data Modeling to ensure a robust, stable, accurate and scalable data model that not only includes learning data, but also skills, finance and business performance data

Data visualization to ensure that the dashboard is intuitive to use for both business leaders who want a quick snapshot of KPI’s to see how well L&D is doing to L&D professionals who require more data exploration and details.

Training, coaching and performance support to ensure that all L&D professionals in your organization know the value of the dashboard and have the right knowledge and skills to use the dashboard to create actionable insights.

Use our standard L&D Dashboards

Creating a learning dashboard from scratch is a touch nut to crack for many L&D teams. If you do not have the knowledge, experience, time and/or budget to do so, we at SLT consulting can help you by providing you with a pre-built best in class standard learning & development dashboard. This dashboard is unique in the world. It’s based on almost 20 years of experience in L&D and Analytics and includes all of the things you require to get actionable insights fast.

If you share your data with us, we can take care of the rest and provide you with accounts to access your version of the standard dashboard in Power BI. If you are not allowed or not willing to share your data, and you have your own instance of Power BI, we can license our dashboard to you to use inside your own infrastructure.